TIP OF THE DAY! Dry Lips Remedy


I got an inspiration to share this lip scrub recipe after reading my viewers post comments talking about “dry lips“. Especially this upcoming  long cold season we need to prevent chapped lips or any where that’s a troublesome!

I am a matte lipstick girl so I need to have this scrub as my daily regime! Hope you could find this helpful and enjoy your homemade yummy edible scrub!

What you need is:


The ratio is really up to you (should be 1:2:1), more brown sugar the better (act as a exfoliate). I recommend to use all natural ingredients, you can get Organic Coconut Oil at Trader’s Joe. If your brown sugar is too coarse, you can fine them with coffee grinder.

Honey – moisturizing / antibacterial / antioxidant / healing property

Coconut Oil – nourishing / antioxidant

Last 2 weeks refrigerated! My additional tip is if you have left over, you can also melt it in your favorite hot tea!


6 thoughts on “TIP OF THE DAY! Dry Lips Remedy

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  2. Right now I’m using the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish and it’s great. Once it’s gone I’ll probably start making my own. It looks great!

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