THE BASICS: Winged Eye (Cat Eye) 101


Hello Beauties!

I want to start a new segment post categorized under “THE BASICS” by sharing my way of doing certain techniques in make-up. There are million ways of achieving winged eyeliner, but I find this way much convenient and easy to follow! By doing these steps, you can avoid stroking your eyeliner back and forth and it gets crooked/messy. You of course need a controlling hand to do this, but it’s all about PRACTICE PRACTICE! It’s OKAY to make a mistake, that’s why there are make-up removers are for! Absorb Q-tip with make-up remover, and it will clean it up. I recommend you using a liquid eyeliner to achieve a clean cut wing — if your not comfortable yet, try sharpening eyeliner pencil and go over with liquid eyeliner to practice 🙂

Hope this step by step find it helpful ❤



5 thoughts on “THE BASICS: Winged Eye (Cat Eye) 101

  1. Awesome guide. Looks really pretty in your pic – what are you using under your eye for the shimmer? B x

    • Thank you 🙂
      I’m using Shu Uemura drawing pencil in ME # 04, they haven’t released their website yet, but it’s on amazon. I’m going to blog a TOP 3 under liner highlight pencils soon, it’s one of them!

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