Hello Beauties!

These were one of my first purchases from NYX and I have always wanted to try these lip product! Especially the price is a steal! retail price for $6 each. I have to say that these are amazing quality and the colors are absolutely gorgeous. All four colors impressed me with high pigmentation. The swatches are just one swipe!
The name itself already describes what you are going to expect from this. It glides like a mousse/cream on your lips and once it dries on your lips, it appears matte and it does not transfer! I went out for dinner, and it did not transfer on my glass cup! It is not long lasting, but it will stain your lips a bit esp from Amsterdam. The scent is pleasant, it smells like cotton candy 🙂 and no, it doesn’t taste like them…
The applicator is a typical semi-hard sponge, it does the job done. I wouldn’t say the color of the package is not the exact color you are going to get from the application, but it does give you an idea what it may appear.
Overall, I am in love with this silky texture and amazing color pay off!



  1. I have a few of these and while I love the color and application, they tend to emphasize lip dryness and dry my lips out like crazy 😦 Oh well, at least they smell amazing.

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