TIP OF THE DAY: Gentle Rich Foam


Bubbles are your best friend! My favorite way to wash my face everyday is to use a foam maker (aka foam net $4.99)  to create a much richer gentle foam to wash away! I don’t know about you girls, but don’t you find some oil-free cleansers don’t foam up enough even you keep lathering? This foam net is so easy to use! All you need to put is a pea size of face product and wet the net once. Plus you don’t need to splurge on the ready foam cleansers, which you are paying extra money for the foam pump!


REVIEW: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hr Eyeshadow


Hello Beauties!

I want to say these shadows are two thumbs up! For lazy days to skip the loose eyeshadow, these are ready to replace! The best is to apply with your finger to warm up the product or synthetic brush while the product is still in a creamy condition. It’s an amazing pigmentation on eyes and you could build for intensity. It’s a creamy application and then it dries in put for hours!  I must say these would dry-up over time in the container, so make you sure you close the lid tight! Most of creamy products fogs on to my contacts, but these are safe for contact wears and for sensitive eyes 🙂

Maybelline did not claim for waterproof, but did a water test run anyways and…  did not smear!


Gold rush is packed with visible glitter! Bad to the Bronze reminds me of Satin Taupe by MAC, all time fav!


In addition, while swatching I found a dupe match for MAC’s Paintpot in Barestudy!  Maybelline’s Barely Branded can be used alone or as a base so even better!

REVIEW: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil


Happy November girls!

I want to review my first time using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil! Very creamy, easy to blend, beautiful metallic sheen on eyes. I believe it works best as a eyeshadow base, it will melt and smear over time alone (maybe bc it’s made out of mineral oils). Any eyeshadow you have that compliments could bring out the pigmentation and stays on longer. The downfall is the plastic cap! Whenever I put the cap on, the cap starts cracking, NO GOOD. Also, the product does not twist out! Apparently it use to be made out of wood, but it’s all around plastic.  You need to sharpen it with a dual sharper (for small and large fit pencils).  Affordable one right here at Sephora http://www.sephora.com/dual-pencil-sharpener-P377913?skuId=1492636

TIP: If the product is melting off while sharpening, pop in a freezer for 5 mins, it will sharpen in shape.


TIP OF THE DAY! Dry Lips Remedy


I got an inspiration to share this lip scrub recipe after reading my viewers post comments talking about “dry lips“. Especially this upcoming  long cold season we need to prevent chapped lips or any where that’s a troublesome!

I am a matte lipstick girl so I need to have this scrub as my daily regime! Hope you could find this helpful and enjoy your homemade yummy edible scrub!

What you need is:


The ratio is really up to you (should be 1:2:1), more brown sugar the better (act as a exfoliate). I recommend to use all natural ingredients, you can get Organic Coconut Oil at Trader’s Joe. If your brown sugar is too coarse, you can fine them with coffee grinder.

Honey – moisturizing / antibacterial / antioxidant / healing property

Coconut Oil – nourishing / antioxidant

Last 2 weeks refrigerated! My additional tip is if you have left over, you can also melt it in your favorite hot tea!

POM! Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover


Happy Halloween beauties!

October’s Product of the Month is CLARINS Instant Eye Make-Up Remover | $27 | Link: http://www.clarinsusa.com/Instant-Eye-Make-Up-Remover/C010101004,en_US,pd.html?start=2

This remover works wonders and so gentle for sensitive eyes. You don’t need a lot either. What I do is soak it up with 100% natural cotton pad from Shiseido (link: http://www.sephora.com/the-makeup-facial-cotton-P173726?skuId=101220) generous amount. Place it on your eye for few seconds (tip: Do not swipe back and forth! This will cause premature aging), absorb it in and then wipe it downward. Then use the other side and repeat. Get Q-tips and swipe the left over. Waterproof mascara need extra help with facial cleanser with warm water. Other than that, all your eyeliner and eyeshadow are OFF! If you have super sensitive eyes like me with contacts, this product does not make your eyes area irritated or sting.

FYI, I also tested out another Clarin’s make up remover product called Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover. I don’t recommend it… unless you absolutely have no make up. It’s literally formulated with water, did nothing for me.

LBM’s MUST HAVE: Highlight Underliner Pencils



Today I want to share my four favorite Highlight Pencils esp for underliner to glam up your look or having brighter eyes!

First two items are my old time favorites and last two are my new favorites I’ve purchased in Japan:

1. Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes | Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in 23 L $19


Gorgeous champagne color with fine shimmer, great for everyday look. Stays on perfect, it is a bit on a harder side so its better to warm up on your hand first.

2. Urban Decay | 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Yeyo $19

(link: http://www.sephora.com/24-7-glide-on-eye-pencil-P133707?skuId=1499078)

Metallic white, very creamy and great power stay. You need a little bit for a subtle highlight, it will fade to this perfect sheen on your eyes.

3. MAC |  Eye Kohl in Heirloom *exclusively sold in Japan

Soft Lilac color with fine shimmer. I cannot find a dupe of this color anywhere! You have to get this if you live in Japan or have a chance to visit. MAC gotta put this product internationally!

4. Shu Uemura | Drawing Pencil in ME#04 *exclusively sold in Japan ** I found a link on amazon if your interested 🙂

(link: http://www.amazon.com/Shu-Uemura-Drawing-Pencil-0-04oz/dp/B008M5JQW8/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1382992051&sr=8-12&keywords=shu+uemura+drawing+pencil)

Perfect Pink with metallic shimmer. The pencil appears pink, but it’s perfect on skin. I used this pencil on my previous blog post (https://lovebeautymarks.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/the-basics-winged-eye-cat-eye-101/)


THE BASICS: Winged Eye (Cat Eye) 101


Hello Beauties!

I want to start a new segment post categorized under “THE BASICS” by sharing my way of doing certain techniques in make-up. There are million ways of achieving winged eyeliner, but I find this way much convenient and easy to follow! By doing these steps, you can avoid stroking your eyeliner back and forth and it gets crooked/messy. You of course need a controlling hand to do this, but it’s all about PRACTICE PRACTICE! It’s OKAY to make a mistake, that’s why there are make-up removers are for! Absorb Q-tip with make-up remover, and it will clean it up. I recommend you using a liquid eyeliner to achieve a clean cut wing — if your not comfortable yet, try sharpening eyeliner pencil and go over with liquid eyeliner to practice 🙂

Hope this step by step find it helpful ❤



Hello Beauties!

These were one of my first purchases from NYX and I have always wanted to try these lip product! Especially the price is a steal! retail price for $6 each. I have to say that these are amazing quality and the colors are absolutely gorgeous. All four colors impressed me with high pigmentation. The swatches are just one swipe!
The name itself already describes what you are going to expect from this. It glides like a mousse/cream on your lips and once it dries on your lips, it appears matte and it does not transfer! I went out for dinner, and it did not transfer on my glass cup! It is not long lasting, but it will stain your lips a bit esp from Amsterdam. The scent is pleasant, it smells like cotton candy 🙂 and no, it doesn’t taste like them…
The applicator is a typical semi-hard sponge, it does the job done. I wouldn’t say the color of the package is not the exact color you are going to get from the application, but it does give you an idea what it may appear.
Overall, I am in love with this silky texture and amazing color pay off!

TIP OF THE DAY! Who wants a “Turkey Neck”?!

Who wants a “turkey neck” in long-run?! We often focus on facial skincare and neglect our neck/décolleté area. Remember your neck area is very thin that is easily to expose to UV rays. To avoid premature aging, apply sunscreen atleast 30spf and moisturize at night. Start your neck routine so people won’t reveal your real age and help to restore your youthful neck 🙂


First impression, comes out liquid but it will dry fast on your lips. A tiny drop is enough for one time use, this tube will last me forever! The cool thing is you can customize by mixing colors you may have. Downside is it will transfer and it will feather overtime around your lips. A big key is to apply on moisturized lips!

Pigmentation: High and vibrant
Scent: Peppermint
Finish: Matte
Application: Use a lip brush; it will slip and glide while applying.

Overall, it’s worth of trying OCC Lip Tar. Make sure you don’t get fooled from the color of its tube, it will come out different! Not the right product, if you are looking for a pro long wear and it will be hard to reapply without a mirror and a lip brush. Out of these trio colors, my favorite is Memento, it is the same color as my lips but better!